Impact of Hope International is a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to serving the world's neediest people. We provide the assistance needed to rebuild lives impacted by economic depression or religious persecution. First we meet basic but critical needs for food, clothing, and shelter; then we provide communities, and their leaders, with the educational resources and tools necessary for a new start. Impact of Hope International’s leadership team, and the hundreds of volunteers who give so freely of their time and talent, pray that those we strive to help can recognize the love of Jesus Christ in all we do.

Impact of Hope International envisions a world in which all men, women, and children have access to the most important tools for survival; food, clothing, and shelter. We believe in spreading the message and
love of...

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transforming minds, spirits and futures

Impact of Hope International seeks to help break the cycle of poverty through economic development and through children’s education and ministry. Founded in the Christian faith, we build and sustain orphanages, schools, and leadership training programs that strengthen individuals and show the love of Christ through social action. Furthermore, we believe that given the resources and tools necessary, a group of individuals can use their skills to create opportunities for economic development in the world’s most remote locations.


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